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Micromechanics for the Young Learner Classroom

GRETA Annual Conference 18/10/2014 Granada

APPINEP VII 11/10/2014 Ponte De Sor, Portugal

ELI in-house training 03/10/2014, Nervion, Sevilla

Academia de  Linguas de Madeira 05/09/2014, Funchal

APPI 28th Conference 03/05/2014 Porto, Portugal


What did the fox say primer.ppt

Transcript to the session

Sticky hands link

I also have articles dealing with themes from this talk in recent issues of English Teaching Professional magazine (for which you'll need a subscription). If you'd like, you can email me and I can send you a draft print copy only version of the pieces.

Content Under the Spotlight Etp 94

Effective Task Design Etp 95 (coming out in November)