Teenagers love watching movies and TV shows; they seek out content that shows a lot of sex scenes and adult content because their bodies would be changing, developing to be precise. Puberty hits most kids hard! They all will have built up sexual energy that cannot be released all that easily. Their hormones are in a constant state of change as well. Most teens do intend on waiting till marriage but that’s very rare nowadays.

Most of the teens would be in high school when their bodies go through these transitions. They are desperately looking for physical intimacy at this point, something that has never happened to them before.  That’s when they all try and get girlfriends and boyfriends. Since most of them are virgins they wouldn’t know what to do the first time they have sex; the first time would be so awkward and bumpy. They would have built up sex in their minds thinking it would like how it always is in pornography, but reality hits most of them on prom night. That’s when most teenagers lose their virginities. And when they do, they either forget to wear a condom, take contraceptive pills or just end up wearing the condom wrong and mess it up.

If and when a teen romance appears to be getting steamy and heavy a lot of physical stuff does happen, we all know the bases. Teen couples who want to be careful taking it bases by a base, but some of them just launch all the rules out the window, and they just go for the sexual intercourse.

Another great influence for sex in teens is the fact that parents believe that their children will end up losing their virginities eventually. So they set their children down and have “the talk” with them. “The talk” includes facts about sex and how babies are made. And of course, there will be mentions of condoms and other contraceptive measures. But the measures must be stressed on. Because teenage pregnancies are a dominant cause of growing populations in orphanages all across the world, even worse we see things on the news like “a baby has just been rescued from a dumpster,” well obviously a teenage girl would have no idea what to do with a baby. If a teen does get pregnant, she would require all the love, care and support from her family and friends, and what she decides to do with the baby once it’s born is up to her.

Many parents disapprove of teen sex, knowing this the teens will want to rebel in some way. So in doing so, they will do the exact opposite of what their parents want them doing. Parents in fact have to support their kids and be a role model and a friend to them instead of being a distant authority figure who thinks their kids have to do everything according to them because they provide food, shelter, and clothing for them. Parents must understand that their kids have their own personalities and must give them the benefit of the doubt and be a friend in need and just advice them. If their kids do trust them, they will listen.

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